Meet Our Designers.
An Englishman’s house is his castle, but your home should be the canvas of your life. Our artists’ unique designs can transform your living space into personal art galleries.
Devrim Erbil Fine artist

“Art is the only hope for humanity and peace because within itself it consists of pure love and beauty…”

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Renk Erbil Contemporary artist

“When we rebel with art we become part of a revolution…”

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Eva Sonaike Textiles Designer

“For me, design is to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences visually and share it with other people.”

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Esra Meral Demircan Fine Artist

“When life looks bleak, art heals.”

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Mehmet Günyeli Photographer

”The art is my freedom field.”

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Cigdem Erbil Fine artist

``I am intrigued by different variations of the connection between nature and humans, for me, it’s always about the feeling...``

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Kerem Sezer Creator of wearable art

“Medley Creations is the expression of the different stages of our lives.
Each design strives to embody the human spirit, whilst embracing the absurdities, the beauty and the chaos that make up the medley of life.”

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Joanna Gilbert Contemporary artist

“I see the streets as galleries. Whether we like it or not – urban walls are a shared canvas for anyone with a spray can.”

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