Renko London – Exhibition – January 2023

The artist is introducing a new concept of neon colours to his paintings of his favourite city ‘Istanbul’. This Creative project curated by RenkoLondon in collaboration with ErbilKare and Fanchain oozes raw, intense, inventive neon colours and portrays this ancient city as never before….Istanbul is an extraordinary city with its historical location, architecture and nature. The artist has lived here for more than 65 years and has a strong connection to this remarkable metropolitan city.
Devrim Erbil’s exclusive and preeminent NFT collection consists of a feature oil painting with a Nft version animated by the American digital artist Silly Gabe, Neon monotype giclee prints curated by ErbilKare, limited silk screens, NFT visuals and an open edition in collaboration with Renk Erbil.
Devrim Erbil is renowned for his Istanbul paintings. Although a true Istanbul enthusiast, he is also a visionary artist who recognises the values technology brings to the ever changing art scene therefore he is always evolving and exploring with new mechanisms. Master of Fine arts he might be, nonetheless he was so excited to get involved with this project creating a special series for NFT collectors based in Istanbul and globally.
He wanted to introduce his second NFT collection “NeonIST’ in Istanbul, celebrating the city that has been a home to him and inspiring him throughout his career. The collection consists of 321 pieces and every one of the artworks have been uniquely designed for Neon series. The exhibition also marks the launch of RenkoLondon’s NFT platform. Collectors can acquire the ‘NeonIST’ series from