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The art you choose to surround yourself with tells the world your story. Of course, everyone will interpret the story differently because they are seeing it through their personal psychological lens but it stills gives people an immediate insight into your character, values and background. And it’s very powerful even though these messages are received on a subconscious level. Freud may be derided nowadays but we can’t deny the power of our subconscious. This rather begs the question ‘what art did Freud choose to hang?’ Apparently, he hated his contemporary impressionists but loved to fondle renaissance sculptures. Make of that what you will.

So it stands to reason that the art a business chooses to display, or indeed the absence of artwork, is vital to that company’s identity and, as many have agreed, its success. Not only does art shape people’s perceptions of a business but it can powerfully manipulate atmosphere, intent and outcome. It’s basic really – no one (except those with homicidal psychoses) can relax in a massage chair at a spa while peering at Rubens’ violent ‘Massacre of the Innocents’.

It’s taken long enough but the corporate world is realising more and more the true benefits of art investment – a lucrative long-term investment that delivers more than just financially appreciable assets. Expertly chosen and strategically placed art instantly projects the values and messages you want to characterise your company, attracting business before the first word is even uttered. Research has proven that employees are happier and more productive in an interesting and pleasing space but it also shows that complex artwork that challenges the viewer leads to greater innovation and complex problem-solving.

Again, perception still remains a problem, that art investment is only accessible to the top one per cent. After years of recession, one cannot blame companies for not dipping into their limited revenues for what has long been considered as simply aesthetics. How long though can we survive by only planning for tomorrow, by only spending money on the here and now? We all know that long-term strategies reap the greatest rewards but it takes courage to avoid the quick fix. A reputable and experienced art consultancy can help navigate this quagmire by introducing up and coming artists, sourcing art within your budget without compromising on quality and by providing bespoke artwork that is created entirely in sympathy with a company’s story and ethos. Access to the game-changing world of original art investment, previously considered unreachable, may now be on trend but to really harness the power of art one needs to access the minds and creativity of the artists themselves. And at Renko London we are proud to offer exactly that.

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