Ali Riza Akdolu

Ali Riza Akdolu is a jewelry designer by profession. Drawing inspiration from ancient Anatolian jewellery, he created the Ara Collection brand and has participated in more than 150 international fairs in the past 30 years. His jewellery pieces, made from 24 K gold and precious gemstones, which he designs and produces in his workshop in Bodrum, are not only sold in his own stores in Bodrum and Santa Barbara but also in nearly a hundred select locations. During the pandemic, like everyone else, he evaluated his life and himself, creating the”Aliens” series, which he described as “mobile jewelry” and representing transformation. In the Aliens series, he used metals like silver, bronze, copper, semi-precious stones, minerals, and even fossils. During this process, he believes that he has contributed a new definition to the literature, calling it “jewelart” by combining his professional experience with his artistic accumulation.