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RenkoLondon Exhibitions and Events

Welcome to Renko Events. We will be hosting international events celebrating the arts. Alongside exhibits from globally acclaimed artists that include tapestry, oil paintings and sculpture, there will also be performance arts such as concerts, theatre and dance. Renko Events aims to bring all the arts to all people.

This will be an interactive experience bringing people up close and personal to a wealth of creative work letting the art bloom vibrantly to life.

Our events celebrate both our international guests as well as the local communities hosting us, creating long, lasting connections. We work in consultation with our local hosts to create an event that promotes and highlights the best of their area while enhancing their own art presence in the prestigious global scene.

Renko Events represents the next stage in our mission to make great art accessible to everyone and to bring different cultures together. Art transcends borders and time – its beauty so much more than skin-deep aesthetics. It reflects social and personal experience, challenges belief, changes perspective, enriches lives and is, perhaps the most honest record of history. In short, it can, and should, change our world. We cannot let art remain in the domain of the top 1%.

So for those who can’t travel to experience this planet’s eclectic mix of phenomenal talent, Renko Events aims to bring them to you.

Watch this space to find out where and when we will be taking our carnival of the arts.

If you want to host an event or be our guest, contact us here.

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