“We all have the potential to be who we want to be. Show up consistently and be true to you. Always.”
– Joanna Gilbert – 

Joanna Gilbert

Joanna Gilbert is an Artist known for her colourful, large scale visceral abstract paintings. She shares a message of mental wellness through her art and encourages people to live a life from a place of authenticity.

Born in Mumbai, India, but raised in London, Joanna Gilbert began painting professionally 10 years ago. It was only since completing a Masters at UAL Chelsea College of Arts in 2017 whilst simultaneously going through some of the most challenging times in her life, did she begin to understand what her art was really about. Gilbert’s message is simple. In order to be the best versions of ourselves, we need to in-source not out-source; Her artwork beautifully blends the discovery of self-belief, self-worth with energy and mindset. Her art is designed to remind and re-centre you to look within ourselves for the truth of who we really are so we can be who we are meant to be.