“Images possess a power that doesn’t need words, a magical energy that touches the soul, feeding the hunger and curiosity of human nature.”
– Mine Zabci – 

MINE ZABCI Abstract Expressionist
Based in the UK, contemporary Turkish artist Mine Zabci is renowned for her abstract expressionist work, exhibiting both in the UK and abroad. A graduate of Fine Art, Mine describes herself as a spontaneous artist. Spontaneity is critical to the artist’s work. She does not sketch beforehand or have a preconceived idea of what she will create, preferring to let inspiration take over and guide her hand. Using a variety of techniques and mediums including hand paints, pallet knives and clothe, Mine believes in the freedom of artistic expression that cannot be restricted to particular techniques, timescales, plans or styles. She believes that images without words fulfil the desire of “human nature to create its own mysteries when exploring the unknown, the unseen and unspoken”.