“When we rebel with art we become part of a revolution…”
– Renk Erbil – 

Renk Erbil

Renk Erbil uses shape, form and colour to create compositions which conceivably habits visual references based on her experiences in life. As a British/Turkish artist raised in London, she is fascinated with controversial issues such as humanity, politics, racism, sexism, multiculturalism, equality, individuality, diversity, polymorphism and many other socially varied concepts. Her diverse artwork was featured at the Audio-Visual Festival ‘Monitor” in New York -2002; 1st Rio De Janeiro Electronic Media Festival-2005; Multimedia Solo show at Gallery X-2005; National Academy of Arts Sofia-2010; Mylos Gallery Greece-2012; Bodrum Biennial-2013/2017; Budapest Art Fair-2014. Saatchi Gallery in 2021. The artist is also the founder of RenkoLondon and the co-founder and curator of TAExhibitions.