Living Space Art Project

Renko London – Istikbal – Collaboration

Renko London has set up an exciting and innovative collaboration between globally acclaimed fine artist Devrim Erbil, a member of the Renko London team, and Istikbal a leading international furniture company.

Renowned conceptual artist Renk Erbil, who founded Renko London created designs that incorporated three of Devrim’s famous Istanbul paintings into Istikbal furniture. The designs have been used in the lounge, dining and bedroom range creating what Istikbal has named “a new form of art”. Istikbal prides itself on its comfortable yet excellent furniture craftsman work and now it has been infused with Devrim Erbil’s signature work to create “artistic living spaces.”

The three paintings carefully chosen for this project include the following:

Istanbul Red/Grey Birds March 18 2013
A representation of Istanbul in shades of red featuring a flock of birds flying around the Soleymaniye Mosque, an iconic and historical architectural masterpiece. Devrim is fascinated by nature’s power and its relation to abstraction, a concept often explored in his famous birds’ eye views of the city.

Istanbul The Birds of Galata 5 June 2018
The medieval stone tower Galata, built in 1348, is personally significant for Devrim Erbil, which is why it appears disproportionately large in his paintings. The serene shades of blue and unique brushstrokes offer a peaceful perspective of Istanbul looking down on the city from the tower.

The Blue Pathways of Istanbul November 30 2014
This painting brings Istanbul’s ancient cultural history alive in the city’s lines. Devrim believes that the line exists outside of nature, a concept he regularly explores in his artwork. Again in tones of blue this painting infuses the furniture with a sense of calm and peace.

Istanbul has been and continues to be a muse for so many artists inspiring music, sonnets, poetry and of course the artist Devrim Erbil. His works are considered the best artistic representation of Istanbul and now the joy of the Istanbul paintings can be felt beyond the gallery and into your home.