Renko London – Exhibition – MAY 2023

Summer is a special season that announces memories, feelings, thoughts that will verge on the edge of consciousness but never be quite forgotten. With the sun rising early and setting late it represents warmth and contentment and allows escaping the monotonous reality of daily life so that we can indulge in life like no other time for such a short, sweet amount of time. Summer means family and friends, entertainment, music, relaxation, travel and some of the best memories the year can bring. It is a season unlike any other; a season that brings a wholly different sense of melancholy and sadness when this all-too-brief annual escape from reality comes to another end. Based on all these feel good factors, Renkolondon team in collaboration with Stay Nisantasi Boulevard has curated a mixed show which reflects the summer we have all been waiting for in order to live our best lives. Let us welcome change and allow us to inspire you with our acclaimed artists in our exhibition.

As we are a London based International art consultancy, we embrace diversity. Diversity is a way for us to explore our inner curiosities. It gives us the opportunity to live outside of our comfort zone, enhance our learning, and develop an overall sense of personal growth. We hope our exhibition will empower contrasting experiences and perspectives given that all our artists in the show are from different backgrounds, ages and cultures using different mediums for their work.  Here is to a summer with a difference, here is to Kau Wela, Let’s spark a sense of creativity within ourselves, energise and receive the change that is happening…

Renk Erbil