Renko London – Exhibition – February 2024

The “Meet-Up” exhibition presents, for the first time under one roof in Antalya, the artistic journey of the Erbil Family’s artist members, showcasing a variety of works from canvas, screen printing, tapestry, giclée, to NFTs. The collection, curated by Renk Erbil and featuring 59 pieces, includes Çiğdem Erbil’s two-dimensional and three-dimensional abstract canvases, the latest giclée prints by Evrim Erbil, the founder of Erbilkare, alongside previously unseen canvases dated 2024 by Devrim Erbil, his silk tapestries, and pieces from the Devrim Erbil Art, Culture and Education Foundation collection. Additionally, for the “Meet-Up” exhibition, Renk Erbil, founder of RenkoLondon, has specially prepared and is unveiling for the first time at Antalya Culture and Art, the series “Whispers of my Soul” and “Toxic Love”.

This exhibition, a collaborative effort between the Antalya Cultural Art Centre and Renko London, not only serves as a landmark event in Antalya’s cultural calendar but also marks a significant moment in the artistic legacy of the Erbil Family. This partnership brings together a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, encompassing a broad spectrum from traditional techniques to modern digital art forms. It offers art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore a multifaceted collection that bridges generations and disciplines.

At the heart of the “Meet-Up” exhibition is the theme of connectivity—between the artists, their diverse mediums, and the audience. The inclusion of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works invites viewers to experience art in various forms and perspectives, encouraging a deeper engagement with the artworks. Evrim Erbil’s latest giclée prints represent a modern exploration of traditional themes, while Devrim Erbil’s silk tapestries and unseen canvases offer a glimpse into the evolving nature of artistic expression.

Curated with a keen eye for both aesthetic and thematic coherence, the exhibition invites visitors to embark on a journey through the artistic landscape of the Erbil Family. Each piece, carefully selected by Renk Erbil, tells a story of heritage, innovation, and the unending pursuit of artistic excellence. The exclusive series “Whispers of my Soul” and “Toxic Love”, created by Renk Erbil for this occasion, further highlight the personal and evocative nature of art, making the “Meet-Up” exhibition a must-visit event for art lovers and culture enthusiasts alike.