Renko London – Exhibition – April 2022

Devrim Erbil is the poet of painting. Nature is his passion. The rhythm and movement of life always affect him. Repetitions that are alike yet not identical, dilemmas lead him to question the purpose of existence. The cultural heritage of Anatolia has always influenced his perspective. The commonalities of intercultural relations and the continuum extending to the present day; the “Variations on Life in Anatolia” series is an indispensable subject of a certain period. Istanbul, a city he has lived in for 60 years; vast, extraordinary with its historical position and nature. Devrim Erbil paints Istanbul pictures. Sometimes with a bird’s-eye view, sometimes with the unity of two different perspectives. Often by evoking the music in the wing sounds of birds and the rhythm in their movements. With his works, Devrim Erbil wants to offer a momentary feeling of happiness – the joy of life. He wants to connect momentary happinesses like the words of poetry. Spring is actually the true beginning of the year, heralding the excitement of new beginnings celebrated with all the colors of nature. Devrim Erbil says hello to the spring of 2022 with his exhibition named “Primavera,” which will start at The Stay Alaçatı Warehouse on April 30th. His unique oil paintings from various periods, mixed media limited edition silk print works, Giclee works produced in single copies, and stained glass works will meet art enthusiasts at The Stay Alaçatı Warehouse in April and May.