Renko London – Exhibition – August 2022

A Celebration of Contemporary Art curated by Renkolondon in collaboration with Merqez art and Erbilkare. We are thrilled to look back on the remarkable success of TA Bodrum, the vibrant celebration of contemporary art that graced the halls of Merqez Art from July 31 to August 24, 2022. Headlined by the established artist Devrim Erbil, whose paintings have become synonymous with Turkish artistry, TA Bodrum showcased a diverse collection of artworks that captured the essence of Bodrum and Contemporary Art.
Devrim Erbil, the renowned poet of painting, presented a series of captivating artworks inspired by the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture of Bodrum. His masterful brushstrokes and unique perspective brought to life the beauty and allure of this coastal paradise, leaving a lasting impression on all who visited the exhibition.
In addition to Devrim Erbil’s mesmerizing Bodrum-themed paintings, TA Bodrum featured the works of other talented artists, including Eva Sonaike, Nilay Özenbay, Renk Erbil, and many more. Each artist contributed their own distinctive style and vision, collectively painting a rich tapestry of art that captivated audiences and garnered widespread acclaim.
Located at the Marina Yacht Club Bodrum’s Merqez Art, TA Bodrum served as a vibrant hub of creativity and inspiration, setting trends in art and culture. The exhibition received overwhelming support from art enthusiasts and visitors alike, further establishing Bodrum as an important destination for the arts.
As we reflect on the resounding success of TA Bodrum, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the artists, visitors, and partners who contributed to making this event a memorable experience. We remain committed to celebrating the rich heritage and vibrant creativity of Turkish and international art, and we look forward to future collaborations to continue our journey together with our artists we represent and our art lover friends.