Renko London – Exhibition – October 2021

We are thrilled to reminisce about the remarkable success of TA London, an extraordinary contemporary Turkish art exhibition that took place in 2021. Held at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery from the 27th to the 31st of October, TA London marked a pivotal moment in the global art scene as it brought together artists from across the world in celebration of Turkish contemporary art.
Spearheaded by Renko London and generously sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Doqu Home and many more. TA London showcased the works of 21 acclaimed artists, both from Turkey and abroad, aiming to elevate the international recognition of Turkish contemporary art and its significant contribution to the global artistic landscape.
London, with its rich artistic history, vibrant multicultural community, and sizable Turkish population, provided the perfect backdrop for this ground-breaking event. Despite being a hub for diversity and progressive art, it had been over 17 years since London’s Turkish community had experienced such a major cultural event, particularly one that highlighted its cutting-edge contemporary art scene. TA London was privileged to introduce British audiences to the richness and diversity of Turkish art as well as our international guest artists to foster connections among international creative minds.

At the forefront of the exhibition was the legendary Turkish artist, known as the ‘Poet of Painting,’ Devrim Erbil, whose iconic Istanbul series has captivated audiences worldwide since the 1960s. In a special homage to London, Devrim Erbil created a new masterpiece, offering his unique ‘bird’s eye view’ perspective of the London skyline exclusively for TA London. Anticipation was high to witness Devrim’s interpretation of London, considering his revered status as the artistic embodiment of Turkey.

In addition to showcasing works by artists residing outside Turkey, but deeply connected to their Turkish identity, TA London was honoured to feature Cyprus’s leading Turkish artist, Emin Cizenel, and Azerbaijan’s ‘Master of Colour’, Sakit Mammadov.

As part of its mission to inspire cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration, TA London extended invitations to two international guest artists from London’s diverse community. Eva Sonaike’s tapestries, blending Nigerian traditional heritage with contemporary European life, and Joanna Gilbert’s abstracts and installations reflecting her urban connections, added further depth and diversity to the exhibition.

By fostering dialogue, collaboration, and exploration, TA London ignited new visions and experiences that enriched the arts and benefited all involved. The exhibition’s name, a blend of ‘mersi’ from Turkey and ‘ta’ from London, serves as an expression of gratitude, symbolising the unity and exchange of cultures that defined this extraordinary event.