Renko London – Exhibition – June 2022

At the Bodrum Primeclass Lounge, an exclusive exhibition showcased the previously unseen works of Devrim Erbil, one of the eminent figures in Turkish painting art. This unique event took place on Thursday, 23 June 2022, highlighting TAV Operation Services’ commitment to merging the worlds of travel and art. TAV, a leader in the sector with operations across 19 countries, successfully brought art closer to travellers in its newly renovated Bodrum Primeclass private passenger lounge.

The exhibition, marking a significant collaboration with Devrim Erbil, offered a glimpse into the artist’s expansive body of work, adding a new dimension to the travel experience. TAV Operation Services, known for its innovative approach to enhancing passenger experiences, also plans to extend this art initiative to its Primeclass private passenger lounges in New York and Paris, promoting Turkish artists internationally.

The Bodrum Primeclass Lounge, in anticipation of providing a flawless travel experience, introduced a refreshed menu featuring Bodrum’s distinct flavours and scheduled DJ performances throughout the summer. This initiative is part of TAV’s broader goal to redefine travel experiences by incorporating comfort, luxury, and now, culture, into its lounges worldwide.

Following successful showcases in Georgia and Oman, the project reached a milestone in Turkey with the Bodrum exhibition. Under the curatorship of Renk Erbil and Renko London, Devrim Erbil’s works brought the essence of Turkish painting art to the forefront, enriching the lounge experience for guests. This event not only highlighted Erbil’s unique oil paintings, silk print works, and single-copy Giclee pieces but also celebrated travel as a means to widen perspectives and nurture the soul.

Concluding on a high note, the exhibition at Bodrum Primeclass Lounge has set a precedent for future collaborations and projects that aim to blend art with travel, offering passengers a unique opportunity to engage with art on a global scale.