Renko London Giclée Metal Prints

Giclée is a superior form of printing that offers a broader colour range, depth and quality. They are at the forefront of fine art digital technology, providing artists with new possibilities for expression and creative development.

Devrim Erbil Giclée Metal Prints

Each Devrim Erbil giclée metal print is a monoprint and will come with its own registration number showing that it is registered with the Devrim Erbil archives on where it can be verified for authenticity. Therefore the visuals on the website are representative of the giclées available to buy but they will all differ to some degree. Customers can contact us on the link below to discuss the purchase of their own unique giclée.

Renko London is working in collaboration with Erbil Kare, founded by interior architect Evrim Erbil who has more than 15 years experience producing museum-standard giclées. This series will be printed onto metal in the Erbil printing studios based in Bodrum, Turkey. Using exemplary printing tools and contemporary high-relief metal, the process integrates Devrim Erbil’s artistic eye with Evrim’s extensive skills and the expertise of a master production engineer and graphic designer.

Devrim Erbil metal giclées exemplify contemporary fine art – a synthesis of traditional fine art, cutting edge artistic practice and the latest art mediums.